2010年9月19日 (日)

Practice 18th September: 女子日本代表 加藤選手参加

本日、Regent Parkで行われたtrainingに、女子日本代表WTB 加藤慶子選手参加し、タッチラグビーにてすばらしい動きをみせていました。最後まで走りきる、若さあふれるプレーにロンジャパメンバーは多いに刺激をうけました。

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2009年9月 8日 (火)

The first trainning session on last Saturday

Last Saturday, we made an excellent start to this season with 17 players and one family!! despite it being the day after the Kick-off Party!!!

The member who attended were; Dan, Etoh, Hata with his family, Hori, Iichi, Jacky (Dan`s friend and tennis coach), Kasahara, Koga, Kohichi, Mark, Taguchi, Tame, Tsuda, Yoshi, Zeniu, Youki, and me.

Under the fine sunshine we enjoyed 4(or 5?) games of touch-rugby, and in the last one it took 15 minutes to get the final try, each player tried furiously, so we were all very tired・・・・ In the first match on 27th September, let`s enjoy rugby in good spirits!


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2009年6月20日 (土)

Training of today (20/6/2009)

We had a fantast turnout today under a lovely weather, having 10 players.
In preparation of Monday Touch Rugby from 29th, we had a training of touch rugby for about 1.5 hours.
Issues in the training were offside of defense players at the time of restart and point over of offensive players.

Norihiro Nagai

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