New web site has been launched!

Please access the newly launched LJRFC web site. Link as below.

More on-time, real, nicely designed web site.

Please enjoy it!

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2012年8月22日 (水)

New season 2012-13 is ongoing

Hope you enjoyed lovely and unusual "summer" weekend.

As you know, our new season 2012-13 is already ongoing led by new skipper, the Captain Yoshi IHAYA. Here attached the announcement from him, how we manage this new season and special team activities.


Dear All,

As you may know, I was assigned as captain of London Japanese Rugby club for coming season and took over from our former great captain Kazushi.

To be honest, I do not have confident to lead all gentlemen, but I will do my best togather with my strong wife Junko !!!

In order to make coming season to be full of excitements, I request following people to support each activity.

Vice captain:

Tim Ishii(FW)
John Toppon (FW)
Satoshi Takehana (BK)
Jon Aizpitarte (BK)

Fixture ;
Sabro Takahashi

Treasurer ;
Satoshi Takehana
Akio (Taropon) Hayakawa

Web site administrator;
Takeo Hata
Translater; (JPN-> special ENG, ENG-> special JPN)
Satoshi Takehana

Karaoke captain;
Golf captain;
Keiya Nishimura

Supporter (Hooligan)
Yo-ko san
Maika jo
GM and Volante and Tour manager
Tamekuro Nagata

Since we will have a lot of matches from begining of September for this season, thanks for Sabro's big effort, please train yourself during this summer season and be ready to join hardest season ever...

Best regards,
Yoshinari Ihaya



And as mentioned above, we already have fantastic fixtures as follow.

Sat 25 Aug: Piotrowice Nyskie International Rugby Festival

An amazing rugby experience with players from Poland, Austria, Czech, Romania, England, Germany, France and Japan! Please contact me asap if you are interested. All you need are; a return ticket to Wroclaw in Poland from Stansted by RyanAir, a rugby kit and a sleeping bag. Food and drinks will be provided by sponsors - free!

Sat 8 Sep: London Japanese v Southwark RFC

Sat 15 Sep: London Japanese v SODAM

Sat 29 Sep or Sat 6 Oct: London Japanese v Cheddar Valley

The details have not been confirmed but they want to host us in Cheddar Valley and entertain us with local cider and cheese. We will need to arrange a transportation and accommodation in Somerset - this will be another great weekend for players, supporters and families.

Fri 12 Oct - Sun 14 Oct: Paris Tour organised by Paris Japanese RFC.

If you are interested in taking part in the tour, please contact Tame san accordingly.

Sat 27 Oct: London Japanese RFC v LBS

Sat 3 Nov: London Japanese RFC v Barns RFC

Sat 17 Nov: London Japanese RFC v Northolt RFC

Sat 8 Dec: OKU TROPHY Tournament

Sat 22 Dec: London Japanese RFC v SODAM

Christmas Party & Bonenkai....

Please pencil in your diary and be ready for busy season!!

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2012年7月 6日 (金)

End-of-season announce, LJRFC 2012

Now officially 2011-12 season end has come having summer party at National Liberal Club on 29th June 2012. As always a lot of well-dressed players (unusual?!) and supporters turned up.

Followed by Kanpai, speech from guests, each 2011-12 award and new 2012-13 captain are annnounced by captain Kazushi.

Here are the announcement from the captain Kazushi.


Dear All Lon-Japa members and supporters,

Thank you very much for coming to our annual end-of-season baquet on Friday at Natioanal Liberal Club.
It was grateful to see such a lot of players, families and friends.
As a captain of this season, I personally feel really satisfied with this season.
I'm not like a person who has a strong leadership, but with your massive help and support I could managedly finished my job.
So, I'd like to say deep thanks to all of you.
It was really prescious memories for me to play rugby and to know many people through rugby.
As I mentioned in the banquet, the next season will be led by the new captain, Yoshi Ihaya!
He has played the last 3 years in LJRFC and is a skillful player.
(In case you don't know him, see this pic. The man on the right.
I got a few messages from him.
"Don't under-estimate me! The important thing is not the size, but the way I use it!!"
Now you know that he'll lead us to the next successful season for sure!
Lastly, thank you very much! Have a good summer holiday!
Hip, hip,
Kaz Tomita


Special thanks to Kazushi for his strong leadership & powerful run in the game. We're sure he can continue to contribute in new season. (Still looking for job though...)

Just to remember what award were presented:

PLAYER of the YEAR 2011-12

  • Yoshi Hagio  --> Won the trophy having beer competition!
  • Mark Davies
  • Mike Parks (nonattendance)

Special Award to contributors

  • Jon "dilligent award in practice, match and pub!!" (nonattendance)
  • Tim Ishii "Mr. DON'T UNDER-ESTIMATE"
  • Akio "special thanks to his professional photo and never ending chat"
  • Nogi-ho "New player and special dance performance at night & day"

And unfortunaly new skipper, Yoshi IHAYA couldn't join the party due to business trip. We'll have his comment shortly.


After drinking up dozens of wine bottle, we move to Ramen bar. Really enjoyed it.

Thanks to Sabro, Toppon and all of members who organised this fantastic event!!

Practice at Regent's Park will continue as usual, see you then!!!

P.s. Quiz...

Do you know what heppened at Trafalger?

Do you know whose hand it is?

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2012年6月13日 (水)

祝V2!Rugby Festa@Dusseldorf

われらがロンジャパが毎年恒例となったRugby FestaにてV2の偉業を達成!

Team1 All_2 Team2 Play7 Play9


Dusseldolf Rugby Festa 2012 へ参加された皆さん大変御疲れ様でした。
もはやあらゆる所で語られていますが、今大会はロンジャパのShane(or Shame?) Williamsこと遠藤さんと、牛タン紳士のフロイドが昼も夜も大活躍。
彼らはRob Etsuoの量産トライも、James StuartのMVPも、菊間の喧嘩も霞んでしまうほどの圧倒的インパクトを残していきました。


最後になりますが、シーズンは29日の納会をもって一旦終わります。(7月にSODAM戦 ?TBC) 最後の納会は6月29日(金)@Nation al Liberal Clubで盛大に打ち上げます。

冨田 和司

Play2 Play3 Play6 Play8

Play10 Play5

Play11 Team5




大会MVP:James Stuart




London Japanese VS Dusseldorf Japanese 1st half

London Japanese VS Dusseldorf Japanese 2nd half

London Japanese VS Dusseldorf Dragons 1st half

London Japanese VS Duseldorf Dragons 2nd half

London Japanese VS Paris Japanese 1st half

London Japanese VS Paris Japanese 2nd half

Japan Barbarians VS Dusseldorf Dragons (1st half only)





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2012年5月25日 (金)

Two weeks to Rugby FESTA in Dusseldorf

Hi All

We've received the polo and attached the photo.

You really have to see it but it's come out really nicely and a great
polo for summer!

Are you ready to go & win Rugby FESTA in Dusseldorf again this year?

If you're not, please follow the directions below.

1. Join the practice this weekend to get used to rugby under the sun!

2. And purchase polo to make yourself nicer...

3. Have pints of beer joining farewell party for Endo-san & Taguchi-san on 1st June, who were legendary players at previos Rugby FESPA.

4. Ask GOD-TAME who can guide you to heaven and teach "how to" of TAME-GOROSHI!


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2012年5月15日 (火)

Toward the end of season 2011/12: More to come!!


Where is spring? Can you believe summer will come?

Here listed the latest schedule of the rest of season 2011/12.

Date Event Venue
Sat 19th May Practice Rigents Park
Sun 20th May 応援:Japan U20 v Irish Exiles U20 Ealing Trailfinders RFC
Sat 26th May Practice Rigents Park
Sat 2nd Jun Practice (TBC) Rigents Park
Sat 9th Jun Duesseldorf Rugby Festa Dusseldorf, Germany
Fri 29th Jun Summer Drink Party National Liberal Club
Anyone who wants to join needs to register from the link below.
Sat 7th Jul Sodam Tournament (TBC)

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2012年5月 1日 (火)

Flash report from Northolt Rugby Tournament

Summer is coming finally?

Here are the flash report from the Captain Kazushi regarding Northolt Tournament.


Northolt Tournament
Pool A:

vs Northholt: 7-0 W
vs South Oxhicy? 14-7 W
vs Southwark Lancers 7-14 L


vs ??? 26-7 W

例年のように快晴のもとラグビーとBBQを楽しむつもりが、今年は雨と寒風というコンディション。 。。





As commented by Kazushi above, Endo & Hagio kindly took a video of the game.

Now you can review how nice we are (were).

See you soon.
<Next fixture>

Saturday 5th May vs Reigate RFC

Meet up:

Kick Off

Reigate Rugby Club:
Colley Lane
See you then.

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2012年4月20日 (金)

Cancelled: this weekend fixture / Remaining Fixtures

Hi everyone,

Thank you very much to everyone who responded on the fixture this week end.
Very sadly Southwark Lancers would like to cancel our game this week end due to lack of players.

They are very sorry as this is the second time this year... They will be at the Northolt tournament next week on Satursday 28th April. Perhaps we may play against them during the tournament.

I am sorry for this second successive cancellation.

But still more interesting / exciting fixture are waiting for us!!

Here are the remaining fixtures.

28th April:  Northolt Tournament
5th May:    Reigate
9th June:   Dusseldorf
7th July:    Sodam Tournament (still waiting on the exact details)

Not fixed

Greenwich 7's
Something Johnny was talking about - can't remember the name!

P.S. It was Sabro's 40th birthday on 19th Apr! Happy Birthday to Sab!! What present did you get?!

P.S. Recently so many legendary players have left (or going to leave) UK. How many DOU-AGEs?We'll review and update who left throughout 2011-12 season. Coming soon! (どこかで時間をみつけて・・・)

To whom don't know DOU-AGE, here attached the example, which is one of the best / highest...

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2012年4月17日 (火)

Urgent: This weekend fixture

Hi everyone,

We have a fixture against Southwark Lancers this week end Saturday 21st April, kick off at 1:00pm. Meet up at 12:00pm
This fixture was originally canceled back in February due to weather condition but we were able to find a pitch just now. Sodam kindly offered us their pitch from 1:00pm.

I understand and apologies that this is at short notice but can you please let Lee-san know if you can play.

London Post Office Sports Club (LPOSSA) 136 Greenford Road, Hussain Close, Harrow, HA1 3QL

Take the Piccadilly Line (Uxbridge branch) to Sudbury Hill (zone four).
Turn left out of the station and walk along Greenford Road 200 metres to the Sudbury Hill overland train station.
Cross the Greenford Road and turn right at the Rising Sun pub into Hussain Close. The clubhouse is 100 metres off Greenford Road at the top of Hussain Close.

Alternatively take the Central Line to Greenford turn left out of the station walk 2 mins under the bridge to catch a number 92 bus towards Wembley, the bus journey is approximately 5-10 minutes depending on traffic.

Nearest bus routes coming to Sudbury Hill, the H17 & 92 stop just past
the Rising Sun and the 487 stops in Whitton Ave.


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2012年3月31日 (土)

PLAY FOR JAPAN 『第五回ロンジャパ杯チャリティゴルフ』

今回で五回目の開催、そして「いつまでも忘れない」をメッセージに四回目となるPLAY FOR JAPAN ゴルフ。






  Hatfield London Country Club


① 高梨、羽田、西村、井隼
② 早川、野木、常深
③ 小関、ゆう子りん、斉藤さん

① バンカー
② 池ポチャ、クリーク
③ 木に当てる
④ OB
⑤ ロストボール
⑥ 3パット












我々ロンジャパはPLAY FOR JAPANを続けます!!

========================= 詳細結果は以下。

» 続きを読む

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2012年3月23日 (金)

Latest fixture - Biddenham match coming soon.

Hi everyone,

Here are the remaining fixtures in our diary.
Anyone who ordered new kit should hopefully have them by 28th April!

14th April - Biddenham - Away*

28th April - Northolt Tournament

5th May - Reigate - Away
9th June - Dusseldorf Tournament

28th July - Sodam Tournament - I will confirm this later but should be this date

Greenwich 7's - TBC

FYI: Memory of Biddenham match at is always nice to join! And it would be the last match for ENDO-san on 14th April. Don't miss his miracle try!

ラインアウト 安定の獲得

圧巻 MOM 獅子奮迅の活躍のご褒美はこれ

*He is not Akio-san, he's Darren!


*And lovely boat race! We must revenge!


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2012年3月22日 (木)

the inaugural Rhino Trophy tournament & Tame's 50th birthday

3月も残り2週間をきり、ロンドンも春らしくなってきました。そして今週末にはサマータイム突入です。Six Nationsも終わりましたがロンジャパはこれからがアツい。

先週末開催されましたChedder Valley RFC, Kew Occasionals RFCとの三つ巴戦、並びにロンジャパが世界に誇る(?)「神」タメさんの50歳の誕生日イベントについて、「ルームメイト」サブローから以下レポートを頂きました。


London Japanese took part in the inaugural Rhino Trophy tournament and celebrated Tame's memorable birthday in our style!!

This year's St Patrick's Day at the Richmond Athletic Ground was quite muddy on the pitches and very messy in the clubhouse with Guinness, Sake, London Pride and organic cider brought straight from Cheddar Valley, which was rather mysterious in its colour an its taste...!

London Japanese welcomed Cheddar Valley RFC, which play in Somerset Div 2 South currently, to Richmond and played for the Rhino Trophy together with Kew Occasionals RFC. We started our game against the hangover Cheddar side at noon-ish and played against rather young, fast and big Kew guys in the 3rd game after watching Kew boys sliced Cheddar into pieces in the 2nd game.

London Japanese 10 - 15 Cheddar Valley
Cheddar Valley 5 - 47 Kew Occasionals
Kew Occasinals 43 - 10 London Japanese

Satoshi Takehana was chosen to be our man of the match for spoiling what it would have been a try under the post by his knock on when no one was in front of him but he managed to make up for the error by scoring a great try against the strong Kew side in the 3rd game. The try was produced by collective effort by FW and Rob Galbraith cut into their deffence line with his sheer pace and Satoshi beautifully finished it off.

Kew's distinguished fly-half Ross Swanson was Man of the tournamenton on particularly fine form, not only running in several long distance tries, including one from under his own posts against us which started from a miss tackle by our round-shaped fly-half Sabro Takahashi, but also adding some excellent drop goalled conversions. Sabro cried out the guy was just too good to be there!

All players rashed into the crowded clubhouse after taking cold shower on rainy early spring afternoon to watch Six Nations Wales v France and celebrated Wales' Grand Slam! England might ruin St Patrics Day at Twickenham but we didn't really care because our party went on to celebrate our veteran scrum half Tame-san's 50th birthday!!

Captain Kazushi prepared a blond sexy girl for Tame-san and we all enjoyed tatooing our messages all around her body. She was dressed London Japanese rugby shirt on as she looked cold and perhaps a bit rude out there and the party hit climax when he gave the blondy a big kiss and hug. A special rugby shirt designed and made exclusively for Tame-san was presented to the birthday boy by all of London Japanese while thanking his committment to the club and support he gives us week-in week-out. We thank you, Tame-san!

Finally, we were absolutely pleased to welcome the lads from Cheddar and their friendship and manner simply made us proud and smile to be a rugby player. We don't only enjoy our competitive match between us, but also the time we shared in the clubhouse and later in the pub in Richmond was just fantastic. The tounament sponsor Rhino Rugby's boss Reg Clark is keen to continue the trophy will be competed for annually between Cheddar Vally, Kew Occasionals and London Japanese. We quite probably have to plan our tour to Somerset next year!

Best wishes,


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